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"Heritage Happenings" from the Head of School, Patricia Cailler

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Pat with K Girls IMG_0848Here we are! So Peninsula Heritage School has decided to have a blog!  As Head of School, I never thought I would do a blog, but I am. It’s my way of speaking to all of you and communicating how wonderful Peninsula Heritage School really is!
If you missed our Peninsula Heritage School GALA this past Saturday evening, let me tell you about it. I’ve attended 20-some GALA’s at this school, but this one was really the icing on the cake. The venue was so original and Hollywood-ish, and for one evening, we were all stars! Especially Christine Pearson and the Waldman family who provided a grand evening for all! Of course there were many elves – as there always are for these wonderful events – working hard to make it all happen. We use our character quality of Gratitude to thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts! We dined on Wolfgang Pucks delicious food at Sony Pictures Studios with a movie premier characterizing Perseverance in “Soul Surfer.” Plus vibrant Silent and Live Auctions. The evening was capped off with Wolfgang’s delicious desserts served with fresh brewed hot coffee.

If you haven’t as yet received one of our Summer Camp brochures, please stop in the office, give us a call (310.541.4795), or check this website under Summer School, and you will be provided with the information about these exciting program offerings. We’re combining academics, sports, and of course, fun, for all the children and their friends to liven up their summer and keep the cobwebs out.  As an experienced educator, I know that maintaining academic skills throughout the long summer is vital for your child’s success when September comes along.

I hope you enjoy this first blog, and we will try to keep you abreast of “What’s Happening!” here at Peninsula Heritage School on a regular basis! Have a happy and safe Spring Break!


Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Peninsula Heritage School won my heart the first time I walked up the steps holding my little boy’s hand to enter preschool…that was twenty years ago. In the past twenty years many academic and artistic programs have been advanced, however, the loving and caring environment remains. As you view our campus, students, and staff, you will glean a snapshot of our daily life that mirrors the spiritedness of Peninsula Heritage School.

We are excited…

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Peninsula Heritage School is going to start blogging…. ?Please visit us again later this month. ? Thank you.

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