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Enjoying Summer

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

IMG_0881 Web SizeThe joys of summer will soon be over, but there’s still time for children to enjoy free play and wonderful family time together. May we suggest the following:

• Having enjoyable conversations at the dinner table with everyone
• Trying to put aside all electronic equipment for one day of each week
• Enjoying the outdoors as much as possible in an unrestricted manner
• Having at least one remaining week of the summer with no camps

If a child wants to dig a hole and just look into it, as noted psychologist Jean Piaget once said, let him do that!
Hope your summer is going well. Thanks to all the parents who are returning their Registration Packets on or before the due date. Please be sure to sign up for “Leaps,” so that you child can leap into the start of the new school year with a bang! Love you all, Me – Patricia.


Friday, August 5th, 2011

Can you believe that it’s already August? This summer has passed so swiftly – only a few more weeks until I see the beautiful faces of our students coming to school with a smile!

While you have been away for the summer, we have been busy working at surprising you with many enhancements. New carpeting, fresh paint, additional laptops, flowers, more trees, and our soon-to-be resurfaced parking area will be awaiting you. In particular, please take a look at the Conference Room and the Kindergarten Room when you return. We are also in the final stages of planning for this academic year with our entire staff returning to School on August 29th. Just a reminder that our upcoming “Handwriting Without Tears” for entering Kindergarten through Third Graders will be the week of August 15th and “Leaps” for all grades will be the week of August 22nd.
We hope that you are enjoying your summer and look forward to greeting each of you on the first day of classes, Wednesday, September 7th. Until then, “Sayonara.”

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