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Family Day at PHS

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Family Day at Peninsula Heritage was a great day! We showed Perseverance, our Character Quality of the month, while waiting for the firemen to arrive. We showered less fortunate children with Gratitude as we gave presents to the LA County firemen’s “Spark of Love” toy drive program. Spark of Love Toy DonationsWe also showed Self-Control in parking, which can be difficult at times. The Third Grade students presented a first class program that entertained us all. Third Grade PerformanceThe Kindergarten children had a musical part in bell ringing “Over the River and Through the Woods” – you had to be there to actually appreciate that delightful performance,and the Fifth and Sixth Grade Choir sang their little hearts out. The day was completed with delicious food and treats from Mrs. Mearns and Mrs. Macdonald, plus wonderful beverages from the cappuccino machine, compliments of Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Waldman. We thank them, and we are all very thankful to have each of you in our lives.Program Finale

Our Educator of the Year

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Our lab science teacher, Mrs. Kathy Mallon, was PHS’s honoree at the local Educator of the Year event. Kathy shares with us this experience:
“On Wednesday, November 9th, I had the privilege of attending the Educator of the Year award dinner at the Palos Verdes Golf Club, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Palos Verdes Peninsula. I was accepting an Educator of the Year award for Peninsula Heritage School.Mrs. Mallon with Young Students It was a very exciting event with many local public and private schools and colleges represented. I met my fellow Honorees for the event and enjoyed discussing our teaching philosophies during a wonderful reception.”
Mrs. Mallon Explaining Fish Dissection “This event attracts educators and local government and business leaders from throughout the community as well as a full table of my colleagues from PHS. At the dinner, I was introduced by Mrs. Cailler who shared with the audience a little about our wonderful school.Mrs. Mallon (center) with Mrs. Cailler and Mrs. Behrens“ I had the opportunity to speak to the assembled gathering about my love of science along with a few examples of how I pass this enthusiasm and knowledge along to the students at our very special school.”
“I was honored to receive a lovely award from the Rotary Club, as well as beautiful printed commendations from the US Congress, the State Senate, and local government entities including Los Angeles County. I will treasure them as well as the entire evening’s experience and was thrilled to accept the awards on behalf of myself and the fantastic group of educators here at Peninsula Heritage School.”

SEA Lab Field Trip

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Our outstanding Third Grade teacher, Miss Jessica, recently planned a beautiful field trip to the SEA Lab in Redondo Beach with her students and with our Lab Science teacher, Kathy Mallon. Miss Jessica will share with you the details:
“In science, we are studying animals and their habitat. We chose to examine one habitat in depth – our nearby ocean. This also ties in with our social studies curriculum that focuses on communities. The ‘Heal the Bay’ website has a teacher resource page and a program called ‘Key to the Sea.’ Through its excellent professional development program, I attended a Saturday session where we learned about the program’s entire curriculum, studied local watersheds, did activities in the class as well as out on the beach, and received a whole bag of educational materials.”
“On a beautiful, sunny day we went to the SEA Lab on North Harbor Drive with transportation provided by our wonderful parent volunteers. We first spent an hour at the beach involved in three major activities. First, the children investigated the sand, learning about the various colors and textures, discussing the differences between a rocky beach and a sandy beach, and realizing where sand comes from – rocks are broken down and washed by the movement of the ocean into tiny grains! Third Graders Examining Grains of SandSecond, we did bird watching. Each student was given a set of binoculars and a bird guide. We talked about why certain birds fly over the ocean while others fly over the land. Bird Watching at the BeachWe also discussed adaptations such as the size and structure of birds’ beaks and feet. Lastly, we learned about water outfall – how the water enters the ocean from storm drains. While sewage is first cleaned, water from the streets flows directly into the ocean. This explains why certain areas of the beach are off limits for swimming immediately after a storm; the rain washes the oil and other debris off the streets, and it flows directly into our ocean waters.”
“The docents designed a unique relay race for the children, who were either Dolphins or Sharks. Each child raced to a bag and opened it. Touch Tanks at SEA LabIf it was food, they were fine and went to the back of their team’s line; if it was trash they went to the “hospital” because the trash would make them sick. Through this activity the students learned the serious effects of pollution. Eventually, and sadly, all marine life consumes some trash, and these creatures don’t have the privilege of going to a hospital to be saved.”
“After these beach activities, we toured the SEA Lab’s eight Touch Tanks and got up close and personal with bat rays, crustaceans, sea slugs, halibut, sea stars, horned sharks, and other types of marine creatures. We enjoyed a sack lunch and then headed back to PHS, filled with knowledge and experience about our nearby ocean habitat and the serious dangers of pollution.”

Harvest Fair

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

How does anyone explain the Harvest Fair? You just have to see it to believe it! I would say that the Giant Slide at Sunday’s Harvest Fair was a thrill for not only children, but the parents and alumni as well. There was never a dull moment on this huge slide from early morning till late afternoon.Giant Slide It was the hit of the day! The Waldman family again outdid themselves and brought Hollywood to Peninsula Heritage School. Christine Pearson should be renamed Miss Organization for her part in tying up this huge fair in a beautiful bow. Harvest Fair Co-Chairs in Kountry KitchenOf course we can’t forget Tommy’s Burgers, the Kountry Kitchen, and all the other events that made a very special day for the 50th Anniversary of Peninsula Heritage. For this 50th we also had almost 50 alumni (a record showing) returning to campus for the Alumni Breakfast – we love them all! Alumni at Alumni BreakfastTo top it all off this year, we had a parent, Megan Duckett, who sang her heart out with a fabulous band, AWOL, who even played AC/DC! Band at Harvest FairA special thanks goes out to all the volunteer elves who set up, worked, ran around, and took down all the events – we all got a little skinnier on Sunday! Be sure to mark next year’s calendar for the last Sunday in October 2012 – you won’t want to miss Harvest Fair next year

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