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Holiday Celebrations

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Our last day of school for the 2011 calendar year began with festive breakfasts in each classroom, and a joyous celebration in the Second Grade of their French-themed curriculum, complete with professionally-made crepes! Kindergarten Holiday ProjectsThe Fifth Grade is busy completing their outreach project of preparing school backpacks for less fortunate children in a nearby school district, and our School Choirs filled the hallways and classrooms with carols. The Third & Fourth Grade choristers sang to our Fifth and Sixth Graders,School Chorus and our older student choir entertained our primary graders, going from room to room with jingles and bangles to enhance this joyous season at Peninsula Heritage School. Happy Holidays to all

Egyptian Immersion

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Our Sixth Graders are currently immersed in the study of ancient Egypt, led by their teachers, Eileen Mahoney and Danielle Standart. Mrs. Mahoney will share with you all that they have been doing in this marvelous study.
“Following our units about early man and Mesopotamia in social studies, the students divided into small groups representing various Egyptian geographical nomes (provinces) such as Memphis and Thebes. Each nome created a flag representing the gods and symbols of that region, and as they worked they learned some hieroglyphics, enabling them to create their own personal cartouches.”Students' Cartouches
“Moving across the curriculum, in language arts we read ancient Egyptian myths and creation stories. In writing, the students composed a manual they named “Mummification for Dummies,” outlining the steps in the Egyptian mummification process. As part of the science curriculum, the children constructed pyramids using tagboard, Pyramid Buildersand did a hands-on mummification with a stuffed animal, since the Egyptians mummified numerous animals. They also participated in “Opening of the Mouth” and “Weighing of the Heart” ceremonies,” and created death masks so the mummies’ spirits could travel to and from the afterworld.Displaying Mummies In addition, the students employed their knowledge of Egyptian culture in creating a four-foot sarcophagus board game.”
“To complete the experience, one of our parents, Lydia Rich, created lovely Egyptian costumes for each student, and the children adorned their own “menats” (collars) with appropriate symbols and decorations. Our culminating experience will be this Friday’s Egyptian festival, complete with Egyptian games and food!”

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