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Thanks for Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

The wonderful Teacher Appreciation Luncheon that we all enjoyed last Thursday was unlike anything that teachers could dream of consuming in their entire careers! Buffet Table The tables in our sunny courtyard, perfectly cooled by gentle breezes, were fit for kings and queens, and the delicious assortment of salads, desserts, and candy treats were superb.Dining in the Courtyard Thank you to the Chairpersons, Susan Ferrari and Rosemary Campbell, and all the elves who assisted in creating this special event. The guest comedian had everyone laughing and laughing – so much so that even the children came to peek around the corner to see why we were so audibly happy. Luncheon HostsThanks to all the moms and dads who carefully watched the children during the luncheon, taking time out of their busy days. A surprise for each member of the faculty, administration, and staff was the personal gift bag, complete with a book of cartoons and tickets for two to the Comedy and Magic Club – to carry out the laughter theme – plus a gorgeous book of lovely quotes, all of them very positive and uplifting. No school is lucky enough to have wonderful parents such as these, who are so kind, thoughtful, and generous. Thanks again to each of you

Birthday GALA 2012

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL the parents who made our 50th Anniversary GALA such a smashing success! From the members of the Steering Committee, through all the members of each GALA Committee, to the generous auction donors, and to each of you parents attending the event and bidding on auction items, thank you for ALL that you did! 50th Birthday Cake at GALA
The weeks of meetings, conversations, and planning came together in such a beautiful fashion on Friday evening. Each parent is to be congratulated for taking a particular GALA responsibility and then going way beyond what was ever envisioned to make the evening truly memorable. And it was such a joy to see so many of you in such a beautiful setting chatting with each other, enjoying your dinner, and dancing up a storm! Hooray for PHS and its 50th Birthday!PHS Parents Assoc CoPresidents
Some GALA tidbits: Balloon Surprises sold out in a flash! Wendy Nguyen said that next year she’ll have to make many more! The check-in and check-out volunteers, including Robin Mearns, Zita Macdonald, Jennifer Beindorf, and Elaine Covarrubias were welcoming and totally profesh with their computers and printouts, with all the data entry previously completed by Elisabeth Lesser and Lynette Cheney. Sheri Lietzow and Melissa Bradley had previously taste-tested the menu, and their choices were perfect!Receiving Commendation Thanks to Greg Popovich and his generosity in providing Castle Rock wines at each table. Yum-oh with the cake from Lido Bakery in MB; gorgeous to look at and melt-in-your mouth delicious to the taste – thank you Lessers! And the cupcakes for the Teacher Wishes looked equally delish – thank you, Cindy Waldman.
From Frank Sinatra to rap, the music was perfect, thanks to Jeanna Martinez, who joined with Javier and so many other parents and faculty on the dance floor. Everyone wants to know Maria Auerbach’s secrets of bow-making on the gorgeous centerpieces – matched only by the beautiful printed invitations we all received – thanks to Bridget Vetterlein and Dee Edler.Trustees & Mrs. Auerbach Kudos to Karen Olson for all of her help with set-up and to Michelle Kim, Patty Mayfield, and Kathy Mallon among MANY others, for procuring auction items.
Thanks to David Lesser for arranging the one-of-a-kind commendation certificate from LA County Supervisor Don Knabe’s office, and thanks to the members of our Board of Trustees for being such a big part of the celebration! Our Steering Committee, including Christine Pearson, gallantly took on multiple tasks and exceeded everyone’s expectations.Mr & Mrs Edler
The photos of our PHS children were beautifully prepared as a gift for each parent by Jeanna Martinez and Bridget Vetterlein – thanks so much! And the gift-wrapped auction items were the talented handiwork of Jill Robb. Thanks to each and every parent for donating the amazing silent and live auction items, including the open-cockpit bi-plane ride, compliments of Jill Smith and her dad, and the dinner cruise aboard Will and Lisa Rehrig’s vintage ChrisCraft yacht. Moms at GALA
Encouraging, complimenting, and seeing to all the details plus the overall plan of GALA was our very own Megan Tilles – thank you, thank you, Megan, and thank you, wonderful PHS parents! Proceeds from this birthday evening will be prudently used to further enhance our Theater Arts and Fine Arts Departments here at PHS!

PHS Basketball!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

If you love the Lakers and basketball and you missed the Peninsula Heritage School Panthers’ game last Friday afternoon, you missed a real nail biter! Boys Basketball GroupThe game was won by our players in the very last seconds, amidst the enthusiastic cheering from players, cheerleaders, and all the parents and administrators present. Thank you coaches, Dr. Ron Rosso & Kim Nygaard!
Dr. Rosso comes to campus on Mondays and Thursdays and holds practice with the boys. The team is very self-motivated, and the boys often practice on their own, augmented with conditioning drills led by Mrs. Nygaard. Games are held each Friday at Chadwick School, and the season will conclude with a tournament and family BBQ on Friday, May 18.
Members of the basketball team share their views of this wonderful athletic experience:
“Our basketball team is a good way to bring everyone together and build school spirit.”Girls Basketball Cheerleaders
“Our school is not about one person; it’s about sharing the ball and working as a team.”
“This is a way to show others that we are a private school with athletics PLUS great academics.”
“We might be a small school, but we are a good school with a lot of fight in us!”
“It’s nothing but net!”
Our student cheerleaders are great at building school spirit, and here are their thoughts:
“Dr. Rosso came to us and asked if we could form a cheerleading squad. We asked around, and now we have Third and Fifth Grade girls. We practice here at school, and at the games we do flips and other gymnastics!”
Dr. Rosso remarks, “Our cheerleaders basically put on a whole half-time show!”
Join us at the games and cheer on our team!

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