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In the News

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Recently, a number of our students, our graduating Fifth graders, and our alumni were featured in the local Palos Verdes Peninsula News.Graduates 2012
A color photograph of our fabulous Fifth Grade Graduates, taken by Debbie Schwartz on graduation day, was highlighted in the June 21, 2012, edition of the newspaper. This issue also featured the graduates of the five high schools on the Peninsula.Service Awards in PV News 06 22 2012
In the same paper, three of our alumni, Katie Harunk, Kellie Harunk, and Malama Beryl Wilson, were lauded for receiving the Palos Verdes Peninsula Coordinating Council’s Teen Service Awards. Athlete of the Year 06 22 2012This honor is given to students who generously volunteer their time and talent to the community and is based on their leadership and level of commitment.
In the June 14 issue of the Palos Verdes Peninsula News, another of our alums, Brandon Cohen, was featured as one of Rolling Hills Prep / Renaissance’s Athletes of the Year. Brendon has garnered numerous awards in cross-country, track, and soccer during his high school career and will be attending the University of Oregon in the fall.
Congratulations to all of our outstanding Peninsula Heritage current and former students!

Year-End Musical

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Deborah Wilcox, our Theater Arts Teacher, and Charlie Miller, our Music Teacher, worked their magic with our students, presenting what I thought was one of our best year-end Musicals ever! Here are their thoughts regarding the evening:Choir
“We actually began the process last summer,” relates Charlie Miller, “working with Deb on developing a concept in conjunction with Mrs. Cailler. With our school’s 50th Anniversary in mind, we focused not just on 1961, but on that era. We made a list of appropriate songs and then evaluated to see how they fit with each class.”Fifth Graders
“I meet with the students twice each week, and for about three to four weeks prior to their assembly I teach them the words and music. For Second through Sixth Grades, I project the words on the wall using PowerPoint; for the younger children, they learn quickly by repetition. Within this process, Deb teaches the choreography, as some students grasp the words quicker when they're linked with the dance movements.”
“For our Musical, we began with our wonderful combined student Choir. Then we reprised most of the songs from the grades’ individual assembly performances, but two classes learned new songs. We added transitional music and then figured out the details of the mikes and sound system.”
“The final presentation reflects all that our Peninsula Heritage students learn – how to work together, to speak in front of a large audience, and to be confident in the process.”First Graders
“Our theme this year,” adds Deborah Wilcox, “was ‘Making a Difference.’ We wanted to honor the music of that era and make it a walk down memory lane for our audience. Did you hear the audience cheer when the children sang ‘Redondo Beach, LA’ in the ‘Surfin’ USA’ Beach Boys number?”
“It’s fascinating to be involved in the rehearsals because there is a moment in the process when the children really have it, and they own their number! As the rehearsals progress, they soon know everyone else’s words, melodies, and movements – they have a great commitment to their fellow players.”

“Our theater arts program here at PHS enables our students to have well-honed performing arts senses. They can beautifully execute and celebrate their efforts with each other and with the audience. They also respect the process of rehearsal and performance, the same as professionals do. We are so proud of all of our students!”

Our STEM Fair

Friday, June 1st, 2012

We were very honored to have nine esteemed professional docents at our recent STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Fair this past Friday.DocentsIn addition to the projects displayed in front of our Library, the docents visited each and every classroom and enjoyed every minute of it! Many of the docents were in awe that our children, working in teams, could produce everything from bubbles to rockets in an elementary setting. These professionals were amazed at the breath of concepts that were entertained and developed by our students. And sincere thanks to Bridget Vetterlein for designing our very own PHS STEM logo.STEM Logo Cropped
In the science component of our STEM Fair, Wendy Nguyen worked with the Kindergarten and First Grade students where the children shared their knowledge using hands-on presentations. “The Kindergarteners enjoyed acting out the various parts of the life cycle of a butterfly, performing for docents, parents, and fellow students each stage of metamorphosis. The First Graders did a long term experiment with germinating seeds. They planted lettuce and sunflower seeds in both our outdoor garden and in a greenhouse environment. They watered, measured growth, and took the air temperature in each location and concluded that the greenhouse enabled the seeds to germinate quicker!”Metamorphosis
Kathy Mallon worked with Grades Two through Six in science and engineering experiments. “These were age appropriate team projects, enabling the children to work through the scientific method, use project management skills, analyze data, and prove or disprove their hypotheses. For example, the Third Graders used a sprinkler valve to build a compressed air rocket launcher sending their individual rockets 200 feet in the air while testing and recording the efficiency of various rocket designs.Fourth Grade Science Project The Fifth Graders designed Newton Boards, employing Newton’s laws of motion to build a path that would take the steel ball the longest amount of time to travel the course. Second Graders explored 'Marvelous Magnets' and the Fourth Grade did an amazing project recycling PHS lunch refuse.”
“The Sixth Graders, nearing the conclusion of their education at PHS, decided to ‘Show What We Know Before We Go.’ Each student in this grade chose three of their favorite science experiments from their years at PHS. Fellow students, docents, and parents saw them make slime, elephant toothpaste, high expansion foam, lemon clocks, lava lamps, and much, much more!”Sixth Grader
In the tech portion of the Fair, Computer Teacher Stella Demis shared with visitors what the students have been working on this year including Second Graders beginning PowerPoint and First Graders taking photos of each other and incorporating these images in their Word documents. In addition, Sixth Graders are doing computer programming, and others are engaged in producing a newspaper and doing video editing. There were also displays in the Science Lab of Apple TV, iPads, and an iPhone capturing images from a microscope.
In the MATH portion of our STEM Fair, each math class (and we have eleven separate math classes at PHS, including the enrichment classes) created a display showing a particular project or math concept. Math Project Fifth GradeOur Math Enrichment teachers, Helen Metzler, assisted by Liz Lomeli, worked with each homeroom teacher and with their own math classes. One project that was created by some off Liz’s students used the Google program “SketchUp” to design their own city, which they displayed on a video screen as well as in tangible model form.

And to think that all of this is just a small peek at what our students are learning each day in science, technology, engineering, and math here at Peninsula Heritage School!

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