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14 Oaks Ranch

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Mrs. Eileen Mahoney and Mrs. Danielle Standart, our Sixth Grade teachers, share with us their class’s outdoor education adventure to a northern California ranch: Bison
“Feeding breakfast and dinner to zebra and buffalo, hiking in the flora and fauna of northern California’s Butte County, and observing salmon leap up the fish ladder at the Oroville Hatchery were just a few of the great experiences our Sixth Graders enjoyed during last week’s stay at 14 Oaks Ranch.”
”Amid 220 beautiful acres of rolling hills and oak trees, our students go up close and personal with the ranch’s cattle and horses under the guidance of the wonderful caretakers, Terry and Roberta. We discovered traces of Maidu grinding areas in stone outcroppings where these Native Americans ground acorns, one of their staple foods, harvested from the numerous oak trees.”Sixth Grade Class & Tree
”PHS faculty members on this trip were Kathy Mallon, Charlie Miller, and the two of us. It was great having Mr. Miller, as he led the students in playing their ukuleles around the campfire in the evenings. This and other experiences enabled our students to enjoy the more relaxed pace of rural California life and to bond as a class. ”
”On our last day we journeyed into historic Sacramento, explored Old Town and the amazing California State Railroad Museum, and then boarded our non-stop flight back to Long Beach and our re-entry into the real world!”

Catalina Island Marine Institute Trip

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Our Fifth Grade had a great outdoor education experience the week before last at the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) from Wednesday through Friday. Fifth Grade teacher, Mrs. Kimarie Lynn, shares an overview of the trip: Girls in Shark Jaw“In addition to the wonderful activities we enjoy each time we visit CIMI, there were several great additions to our experience this year. The first was the technology they introduced in their lab. We had eight microscopes linked to monitors so the children could look at the monitors rather than through the eyepiece of the microscope, just as we do here in our own lab. This increased the speed and level of learning. One activity that captured the attention of all the students was the Gaga Ball court that provided the children with the opportunity to play a very fast-moving type of dodge ball in a large outdoor sand court surrounded by chest-high walls.”
“The food menu at CIMI was completely revised this year with a very healthy buffet, a big salad bar, lots of protein and veggies, and a removal of the soda machine. As for the marine experience, the water was an unusual and blissful 74 degrees – fantastic for enjoying our daily snorkeling and our free swim. On the evening of our night hike we were awed by a full moon as we looked down on CIMI’s fully lit tall ship glide into the harbor.”
“The marine life was amazing – one day we saw about 25 leopard sharks, each about six to seven feet long, come right near shore and lay their egg sacks, or the ‘mermaids’ purses’ as the biologists call them. We all watched from either the pier or from the beach with the CIMI docents. On our boat ride over to Catalina and back, we also saw numerous pods of dolphins frolicking around our craft.”
“This trip is always a great learning and bonding experience for our students, building wonderful memories for a lifetime!”

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