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Sing, Sing, Sing!

Friday, November 30th, 2012

When the Peninsula Heritage School choir stepped forward in their new, blue, choir robes at our recent Family Day assembly, both the choir members and the audience were impressed! Our music instructor and choir director, Mr. Charlie Miller, tells us about this enthusiastic performance group:
“Our choir is currently composed of Third through Fifth Graders who decide to join the choir. We usually rehearse twice each week, schedules permitting, on Thursday and Friday. We have an Open Door policy – students are free to decide if the choir is right for them. We keep it fun – a little serious, but fun.”
“During our rehearsals, we talk about singing technique and how to blend our voices. I ask the students what they are hearing, so they are learning to listen. They are also being exposed to a bit of music education and notation, plus a little about reading music. It’s important for a child, regardless of skill level, to realize that they can sing. They are learning to work together and be part of a team – I call choir a musical team sport!”
“When students move on from Peninsula Heritage and have a more intense choir experience at the upper grades and high school, they will have a foundation from their time here at PHS. Choral singing can be a wonderful avocation for children, teens, and adults. There are many community choirs, in addition to those in churches and synagogues, where individuals learn to work together and create a beautiful sound.”
“It was our goal to set our choir apart, from a visual point of view, for their performances. In some years past they wore white shirts, or we had t-shirts made, but this year Mrs. Cailler and I decided on the blue robes. The students were so excited – you could just feel it – and you heard and saw it at their performance.”

Fifth Grade Colonists

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Our Fifth Graders are involved in a unique program this week. Teacher Kimarie Lynn explains:
“If you’ve seen our Fifth Graders and their teachers in very old-fashioned clothes this week, you know it’s Colonial Week! Each year, in conjunction with the Fifth Grade social studies curriculum, the Fifth Grade engages in a colonial simulation, Class Colonial Weekwith the teachers and students living and dressing as if they were Pilgrims in 1620. The program begins with the Atlantic crossing, as children sit on top of their desks simulating the approximate space each would have had on a crowded wooden sailing vessel.”
“There are nine phases in the colonial simulation such as: the crossing, the landing, the building of shelters, the planting, and the efforts to make peace with the Indians. Colonial Craft FairThe students make decisions on a variety of opportunities and challenges they face, and then they compare their choices with what the actual Pilgrims did. Each day the students write two journal entries that are checked by myself, Mrs. Metzenbaum, or Mrs. Banales. Top grades on the journals earn a ‘miracle’ for their colonists’ group; lesser grades earn ‘destiny’ or ‘misfortune.’”
“Other subject teachers also participate in the simulation. Mrs. Mallon had herbal tea for the students in the Science Lab as she discussed the crucial role of herbs used by the colonists for both medicinal purposes and for flavoring and preserving food. They also made soap using tallow and discussed what a colonial physician had available for healing (not much!). All of this, of course, is overlaid with the continuing Fifth Grader curriculum in all subjects.”
“The colonial experience will conclude today with the Colonial Breakfast and the Trade Fair. Thanks to our fabulous parents for presenting the wonderful breakfast and to the students for their ingenuity and creativity in fashioning their colonial-style items for trading.”

2012 Educator of the Year

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Hats off to Mrs. Lynn, our Teacher of the Year! On Wednesday evening, the Palos Verdes Peninsula Rotary Club honored ten outstanding educators from our community who gave speeches and testimony of their dedication and commitment to children. Kimmarie LynnThe reception, dinner, and program at the Palos Verdes Golf Club was a heartwarming experience enjoyed by Mrs. Lynn, her husband, our faculty, staff, friends, parents, and members of our Board of Trustees. There was joy, laughter, applause, and good wishes for jobs well done. Mrs. Lynn looked beautiful and was gracious in her remarks, mentioning in particular her love of students and of Peninsula Heritage School. She made us very proud, as she does each day in her amazing teaching with our PHS Fifth Graders. Our own Joan Behrens co-chaired Educator of the Year for the Rotarians, and Les Fishman, our Trustee, was also involved in presenting this wonderful event

Harvest Fair & Halloween

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Welcome to Hollywood – PHS style! Each year the Harvest Fair gets bigger and better, and this year was no exception. Country KitchenOnly the Waldman and Pearson families could convert our campus into a town within 24 hours – and surprisingly take it down within 12 hours.Co-Chairs This was all a work of art, and we are so grateful to them, to our Parent Association, and to the staff and parent volunteers for making Harvest Fair one of the most successful events we have ever had here at Peninsula Heritage. Somehow the words “thank you” don’t feel adequate, but Shakespeare said they were! Just three days later, Halloween morning at PHS started with a cold mist and had a spooky look. Halloween ParadeHowever, once our “Self-Control” Character Quality Assembly began, the sun came out, the children brightened the day, and Halloween was off to a beautiful start. The costumes were original and some were very stunning, but all were quite appropriate. Thank you, parents, for your cooperation. Each classroom had a special party, and the minimum day helped the children celebrate with real style. Thank you to all the parents who contributed toward making Halloween a special day for all of our children.

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