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Walking (and Running) for Water

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

The children have been involved in a great PE event here at Peninsula Heritage School that also brings clean water to children in India. Our PE instructor, Kim Nygaard, gives us the details:
“Each year we have a theme for our Walking Club. As you know, each child has a card, and as they walk or run one lap around our track, they have their card punched by one of our teacher support staff. Twelve times around our track is one mile. This friendly competition encourages our children to exercise and is also part of our “Climbing for Character” and our Maroon/Gray Teams program. Members of our faculty also join them in the walking.”
“This fall we started our Walking Club in mid-October with a two-month walk linked to the Blue Planet Network,” “Our ’Walking for Water’ helps PHS students realize the value of clean water for their health and the fortunate circumstances in which we enjoy the benefits of fresh water. It also ties in with the Third and Fourth Grades’ field trip to the West Basin Water District.”
“The children had the option of collecting pledges or donations for each mile they walked or ran in these two months. Funds will go to Nadia, India, where there are many families with children. Each $400 provides a clean water well that services 20 families in this area. With the $400 donation from our Student Council, and with the remainder of the donations and pledges coming in today, we will have raised approximately $2,500 for providing these wells. Mrs. Cailler and I each sponsored $.10 per mile for all of the children. The final results of these combined efforts will be announced at our January assembly.”
“In addition to the tangible funds raised for the water projects and the increased physical fitness of the children, our students greatly benefited in many intangible ways. They tell me of how conscious they are of all the clean water they enjoy and of how good they feel doing something for other children. Our PHS students are expanding their capacities of our Character Quality of “Caring.”

Ancient Egypt & Outer Space

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Our Sixth Graders experienced a fabulous field trip this past Monday, and one of our Sixth Grade teachers, Mrs. Eileen Mahoney, shares some of the highlights:
“We traveled from PHS to the California Science Center in Exposition Park in downtown LA. The Cleopatra exhibit was amazing! It focused on more than 150 priceless artifacts that had been under the Mediterranean Sea near Alexandria, Egypt for nearly 2,000 years. We saw statues, jewelry, and coins from Cleopatra’s lost palace that had been thrust underwater by earthquakes and tsunamis. The students especially enjoyed the excellent audio guide providing additional information about Cleopatra’s era.”
“We enhanced our Egyptian experience by viewing Mysteries of Egypt on the IMAX seven-story screen. We saw the pyramids of Giza, the Nile, the Valley of the Kings, and the chambers of King Tutankhamen’s tomb.”
“As an added bonus to our trip, we visited the pavilion housing the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Our students had seen it fly over PHS on its final flight atop the 747, and here is was again! We saw a wonderful movie about its final journey to the Science Center and learned of its many connections to southern California, including how it was constructed in Downey and Palmdale. Now this will be the Endeavor’s final home with the purpose of motivating our students to pursue careers in science and math.”
“Our Sixth Graders enjoyed their lunch outside in Exposition Park and returned to PHS filled with new knowledge and experiences.”

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