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Cowgirls and Cowboys

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Miss Jessica, our Third Grade teacher, shares with us her class’s recent Outdoor Education trip to Rawhide Ranch in Bonsall, CA:
“Every year our Third Graders at PHS have this wonderful independent educational experience outside of the classroom at Rawhide Ranch. The children have the responsibility for many of the animals at the ranch – horses, goats, sheep, cows, and chickens. While learning how to care for others, this experience also gives our students a great deal of self-worth as they realize that other living things are depending on them. ‘Animal care’ time was in the morning and in the afternoon and involved both the feeding and cleaning of the ranch animals’ pens and stalls.”
“Horsemanship was taught through a graduated series of experiences beginning on the first day. This was the initial horseback riding opportunity for some of our children, and they all loved the experience! We also learned horse psychology – how and why horses act as they do, both in domesticated situations and out in the wild. In a group of horses there is an alpha (usually a female), a beta (her friend), and the omegas (the rest of the group or herd). In the ring at the ranch, the trainer becomes the alpha, and the horses change their behavior accordingly. Our students really enjoyed this information.”
“This trip was also a growing experience as it was the first time for many of our children to be away from home for three days and two nights. The girls bunked in Fort Rawhide and the boys were in Teepee Village. Each year our science teacher, Ms. Mallon, accompanies us and adds a great deal to the experience. We also appreciate the wonderful parents who were with us.”
As Third Grader Gavin Kim commented, “The Second Graders should know that next year they will have a lot of fun at Rawhide Ranch!”

Young Rocket Scientists

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

The following is from our recent PHS Alumni Newsletter:

Two young Peninsula Heritage School alumni, Wesley Rich (center) and Matthew Liberson (right) joined with fellow PVP 4H Club member Matthew Milutin (left) in gaining the opportunity to compete in the 2013 Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) National Finals in The Plains, Virginia on May 11.
In order to advance to the Finals, this team of seventh graders competed against middle and high school students from around the US, besting over 625 teams and landing well within the top 100 finalists.
“I’ve enjoyed the experience of designing a rocket, testing it, and making the right changes that actually worked based on our specifications,” comments Team Leader Wesley Rich.
“After many months of hard work, we’re all really excited to compete in the national championships.
The team’s model rocket had to safely carry one raw egg to an exact altitude of 750 feet and return to earth within 48 to 50 seconds—a mere two second window allowed without incurring penalties.
“I’m so proud of how hard the team has worked to compete in this year’s competition and qualify for the national finals,” reflects Chris Rich, father of Wesley and team mentor. Mr. Rich also leads the PVP 4H Rocketry Project.
Lydia Dickerson-Rich, Wesley’s mother, recalls that “Kathy Mallon and PJ Charnofsky at PHS encouraged Wesley to present his 4H rocketry work with his class in Fourth Grade. Mrs. Mallon also engaged the students in rocketry during the school’s STEM Fair.”
“Wesley,” she continued, “has been building and launching rockets with his dad since Wesley was five years old. When Wesley was seven, he started at 4H, and two years later his dad began leading the 4H Rocketry Project. Matthew Liberson joined the rocketry group two years ago.”
On May 11, the boys will be competing for the national title, $60,000 worth of scholarships and prizes, and a chance to participate in NASA’s Student Launch Initiative. From PHS, we wish them all the very best!

Springing into Spring Events!

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

It’s wonderful to welcome back your lovely children from Spring Break! A very exciting part of our school year is now underway, with many educational and recreational events in the coming days and weeks.

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