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CAIS Accreditation

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Peninsula Heritage School has just received a full, six-year accreditation from the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), renewing our previous six-year accreditation. Thanks to all of our parents and students for the key role that you played in our achieving this honor.Following are the commendations from the CAIS Visiting Committee whose members were here on campus for four days in March of 2013.
The CAIS Visiting Committee Commends:
1. The [Peninsula Heritage School] Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, parents and children for their passionate commitment to the school’s mission that is lived throughout the school’s curriculum and community.
2. The Head of School for her extraordinary and inspirational leadership of Peninsula Heritage School and for working effectively with all school constituencies.
3. The administration and faculty for establishing a caring, diverse community of learners.
4. The administration, faculty and staff for fostering a loving environment that supports character development and academic success for all students.
5. The students for their joyful love of learning, remarkable respect and compassion for others, their desire to serve, and their appreciation of their school and the world around them.
6. The Head of School, Director of Advancement, Director of Admissions and the Board’s Marketing Committee for the breadth and depth of their efforts to involve and inform all internal and external communities, via such initiatives as the Head of School Blog, about the programs and values of Peninsula Heritage School.
7. The administration, faculty, staff and students for creating a school that fosters a strong tradition of academic excellence along with an individual character development program that is integrated into the performance program.
As you can see, our students and our parents were specifically recognized in these commendations! Again, thanks for all that each of you do to make Peninsula Heritage School so outstanding!

Graduation Day

Friday, June 21st, 2013

“This was a fabulous class!” began Fifth Grade teacher Kimarie Lynn at last Thursday’s Fifth Grade graduation. “[The students’] caring attitudes and kind actions in all that they do and say… create a magical spark that ignites the souls of those around them.”
Parents, grandparents, extended families, PHS trustees, faculty, and staff assembled under the beautiful white tent in our Amphitheater, listening to Ms Lynn’s praise of this class: “… students who love to learn, are respectful to and accepting of others, and on a less serious note, are just plain fun to be around!”
Working with Mrs. Lynn, Teacher Support Mrs. Terry Metzenbaum, Dance and Drama leader Mrs. Deb Wilcox, Music Teacher Mr. Charley Miller, and Language Arts Enrichment Teacher Mrs. Kat Banales, the students honored their parents with a rendition of the Beatles’ “Eight Days a Week.” “Oooooo, I need your love, Mom, guess you know it’s true…. Hope you need my love, Dad, just like I need you…”

Friendships were so important to this class, and they expressed this through Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” In tribute to their teachers, the Fifth Graders piggybacked words by Mrs. Banales from Irving Berlin’s “There’s No Business Like Show Business.” Walking over to where the faculty was seated, the students sang, “They’re no teachers like our teachers…”
Head of School Patricia Cailler presented the Pinecone Awards honoring those students who had joined Peninsula Heritage School in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten and were now completing their Fifth Grade year. Following the granting of diplomas by Mrs. Cailler and Mrs. Lynn, the Fifth Graders completed their graduation ceremonies singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Tears flowed as the students exited and walked up the stairs of the Amphitheater hugging their teachers standing on each step.
Fifth Grade Graduation can be quite emotional as students realize they are truly leaving Peninsula Heritage School; however, with 16 of the 23 Fifth Graders continuing on to our PHS Sixth Grade, happiness and fulfillment were the dominant feelings on this beautiful June afternoon!

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Saturday, June 8th, 2013

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Hooray for Hollywood!

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Our students, parents, grandparents, and incoming students and parents enjoyed a fantastic musical presentation in our Amphitheater this past Friday. The geniuses behind this production, Ms. Deb Wilcox and Mr. Charley Miller, share with you some of the behind-the-scenes details:
Ms. Deb: “We started last summer and picked a theme, ‘Music from the Movies.’ Mrs. Danielle Standart, our art teacher, immediately thought of tying a major art project to this theme and designed the amazing Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame – Stars of Character ’ project that each child took home at the conclusion of the Musical.”
Mr. Miller: “We decided not to confine the musical selections to any one genre. We chose pieces that would fit with each grade’s Character Qualities Assembly and would also work well as we reprised them in this year-end Musical. We asked ourselves, ‘What’s a fun song? What would work with this class? What will work in a whole musical revue? How will the song exhibit the individual character qualities?’
Ms. Deb choreographed the smooth transitions as one class exited the stage and the other class entered. This was some of the most challenging work and we reminded the children, our All-Stars, to use all of the Character Qualities in this work – respecting each other, respecting the audience, and taking care of the equipment and the costumes.”
Ms. Deb: “Rehearsals require patience and perseverance, two more of our Character Qualities. It’s wonderful to see the children encourage each other and work together as a team. After teaching here at PHS for 10 years, I have a unique shorthand with the students as we rehearse. It’s amazing how they remember things – they learn from watching each other. We ask for their creativity and welcome their suggestions. “
Mr. Miller: “And the children always, always, do far more than we could ever envision!”
Ms. Deb: “My favorite is when the students hear one of the songs in another venue – it ties them to the history of American musical theater. In our selections, we stay away from pop culture because they already hear it. We wish to expose them to different composers and songs from various eras in film history that are always child appropriate.”
“As far as the set design, we had the idea last September to feature the iconic Hollywood sign, and my husband, Buck, and my daughter, Simonah, put it all together last weekend!”
“The costumes are, of course, an integral part of each Assembly. We involve the children in the decision and then give the parents guidelines. The goal is to see what the students have at home in their closets – this gives real authenticity to what the children wear in the productions. We also have our little Costume Cottage here at PHS where we store and reuse hats and other accessories. It’s exciting for the students when they are using an item in Sixth Grade that has their name in it from Kindergarten!”

“We feel this year-end Musical and our Assemblies throughout the year meet our objectives by providing a safe, comfortable, culturally-rich, age-appropriate stage for these children. By exposing our PHS students to different genres of music and encouraging them to express their uniqueness within the guidelines, we are building their confidence. These children become masters at acting, singing, and dancing as they grow from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Then when they watch a film or attend the theater, they feel connected – they have learned and experienced on stage all the different facets necessary in bringing a production to performance level!”

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