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Leaps and Bounds

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Last week’s “Leaps” program at Peninsula Heritage School provided an ideal preview to this coming school year for a number of participating PHS students. Designed to introduce new and returning students to their coming year’s teacher and classroom, the program also offers a review and refresher for educational concepts and skills.
Our talented PHS teachers included these goals in projects involving each student. For example, Mrs. Gilbert’s incoming Fourth Grade “Leaps” students researched the scientific mystery of why the world’s bee population is declining. Children researched various probable causes and created computer-generated brochures that showcased their findings. In the math department, fractions were reviewed using such tasty tools as a fresh-baked pizza. An easy and natural social inclusion of new students was also possible within these smaller, summer classes.
Our faculty and staff are now focused on readying their classrooms to welcome our students for the start of the 2013-2014 academic year. It will begin on Wednesday, September 4th – see you then!

New Family Beach Party

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

One of our wonderful Peninsula Heritage School parents, Melissa Orr, organized a Beach Party for new PHS families this past weekend. Joan Behrens, our Director of Advancement, relates the details:
The concept and the organization for this Beach Party were all compliments of Melissa Orr, mother of incoming Second Grader Dyton Orr and incoming Fourth Grader Cameron Orr. The purpose of the event was to welcome new families to Peninsula Heritage School in an informal setting where both parents and children could get to know each other.
Redondo Beach, just west of the Surfside Grill, was the perfect spot for this Sunday afternoon gathering, with a light breeze coming across the beautiful ocean beach. As the children immediately made new friends and played in the sand and the water, the adults had an opportunity to meet and chat with each other. In addition to Melissa and her husband, Ken, other current PHS families were on hand to welcome the newcomers: Serene and Ryan Huang, Ruby and Jim Clemmons, and current PHS Board member Jacquie Thomas.
Our sincere thanks are extended to all the Host Families, Room Parents, and other PHS parents for arranging grade-level events and play dates to welcome our new families into the Peninsula Heritage School community!

Handwriting Without Tears

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Our marvelous printing and cursive writing program is in progress this week at PHS, taught by Mrs. Wendy Nguyen. She shares with us the details of this innovative program:
“Handwriting Without Tears enables our students to learn handwriting (both printing and cursive) in a fun and easy way. We offer this summer, one-week, morning program for our students, and we also use the same teaching method in all of our grades from Kindergarten through Sixth here at Peninsula Heritage School. Handwriting Without Tears is a nationally recognized and copyrighted program founded over thirty years ago by an occupational therapist.”
“We teach the easiest skills first, and then build on prior knowledge – it’s a fully developmental approach. Using the findings from child development and brain research, we introduce concepts at the appropriate level for easy, joyful learning. This approach also addresses various learning styles. We incorporate the concepts in all that we do – we even walk to class diagonally, as that’s what’s needed to form the letters ‘V’ and ‘W’.”
“Music plays a big part in our teaching. It focuses on body awareness, drawing, writing, listening, and fine motor skills. The children love making ‘Mat Man.’ They listen to the song, and then arrange the wooden pieces, one at a time following the song, until the ‘man’ is fully created. In this exercise, they are listening and then following directions, using the shapes essential in forming the various letters, and then concluding with the satisfaction of seeing their completed creation. It’s very esteeming!”
“It’s wonderful to see the children learn to hold the pencil and incorporate the movement skills we’ve practiced into their printing and cursive writing. With all the technology that we have, writing continues to be an important element in each child’s education!”

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