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Harvest Fair !

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Sincere thanks to all those who made last Sunday’s Harvest Fair on our campus so spectacular: Co-Chairs Christine Pearson and Cindy Waldman, their husbands Craig Waldman and Karl Pearson, 15/40 Productions, Ltd., and all the PHS families who were generous sponsors and donors, hard-working volunteers, and happy attendees! Thank you also for bringing your friends and welcoming our neighbors and local preschool parents to our terrific event! It was an amazing day, thanks to all of YOU!

Our Garden Grows

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Our Kindergarten and First Grade science program, under the direction of Mrs. Wendy Nguyen, is offering great opportunities for our youngest students to explore the world of plant science and the life cycle of plants:
“The Kindergarteners have started germinating their bush bean seeds, by placing them in baggies with a moist paper towel. We’ve mounted these on the sunny wall near the Kindergarten room where the children can easily see the young sprouts pushing out of the seeds.”
“In the spirit of the fall harvest and Halloween, we hollowed out a pumpkin, extracted the seeds, and planted them in our organic garden beside the Science Lab. The First Graders also planted sunflower seeds in the garden. The children are learning to identify weeds (merely those plants that we don’t wish to have in our garden at the moment) and pull them to allow our new plants to have the space and sunlight they need.”
“We’ve also found worms in our garden and discussed the vital role that they play in keeping the soil rich. While we’ve been working in the garden, the Kindergarteners have been checking on their bird feeders – pine cones that they recently covered with peanut butter – and noting the different species of our feathered friends who have visited.”
“Parents are invited to visit our Classroom Pages for Kindergarten and First Grade science at “

Alumni Breakfast, Oct. 27th!

Friday, October 18th, 2013

At this time of the year, I wonder how many of our alumni I will recognize at our upcoming Alumni Breakfast on the 27th. Last year I was challenged to recognize the many handsome and beautiful alumni who came to visit. However, I quickly recalled how I loved and cared for them during their years at PHS. I’ll let you know how I do this year – though, only if you’re coming! Join us for a lovely breakfast on the patio by the Science Lab. Please RSVP, and see you at 10:00 am on the 27th- with bells on!
(RSVP to and mail in your check of $40. This reduced alumni rate provides the Tommy’s Burger lunch, snacks, games, rides, and the special “test drive” of all the attractions at 10:30 am before the Harvest Fair begins at 11:00 am.)

Metric Week

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Mrs. Metzler and our mathematics department presented a fabulous Metric Week at PHS these past five days. Helen Metzler shares with us some of the details:
We are celebrating National Metric Week, which always takes place during the week of the 10th day of the 10th month of the year. Metric Week is now in its 11th year at PHS. This year's theme, “Sailing the Seven Seas,” incorporated the sea, pirates, and the America's Cup. It's a theme that Mrs. Standart, Ms. Lomeli, and I agreed upon last May. Much of the planning is done and purchases made during the summer, with Mrs. Metzenbaum giving us invaluable help. Danielle and Liz help me prepare for the week with their own ideas, Danielle especially with the artistic side.
As usual, Metric Week is a hands-on approach with primarily outdoor activities for our Kindergarten through Sixth Grade math classes. All of our measurement activities and contests were designed to give students more familiarity with length, capacity, and mass. In addition, the specialty teachers support the theme in their teaching. Mrs. Demis showed clips of the America's Cup, Mrs. Nygaard had pirate-themed P.E. races, and the Library, Language Arts, Science, and Spanish teachers tied in the theme in their respective disciplines.
The highlight of the week was our guest speaker Mark Ryan (along with his FJ sailboat) who kicked off our Metric Week. Mark is a student at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) majoring in history with plans of becoming a teacher. He is a member of the CSULB sailing team and was a member of the five-person team that competed in CSULB's first international regatta in China in mid-July. The team finished first in all seven races. A native of Long Beach, Mark has been sharing his passion by teaching sailing classes through Long Beach Parks, Recreation, and Marine at the Leeway sailing site. A few of our PHS students were enrolled in this class recently.
We appreciate Tally Ho of San Pedro for loaning us some of the nautical props and also our wonderful parents who helped us decorate the campus on Monday morning! Thanks to all for making this a fantastic week of learning at PHS.

Fourth Graders at AstroCamp

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Last week our Fourth Graders enjoyed three days at AstroCamp in Idyllwild, CA. Their teacher, Mrs. Cathy Gilbert, shares some highlights of this wonderful learning experience:
“Wow! What an amazing time we all shared together at AstroCamp! The weather was gorgeous and thankfully the clouds did not roll in until after we viewed the magnificent stars through the telescopes on Wednesday night. We walked to a Telescope Viewing area and used binoculars, digital cameras, manual telescopes, and a 12” Meade computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope to view the beautiful night sky.
“Students learned about the force and laws of motion, and they successfully designed and built their own rockets. The excitement of the countdown to blast off and then the timing of each rocket’s ascent powered by water and pressurized air was a terrific experience for these budding scientists.”
“Among the many wonderful learning opportunities in which we participated, the students climbed a state of the art rock wall with an interactive touch screen computer.This experience simulated the process of doing research on Mars and climbing the walls of ‘Valles Marineris,’ the largest known canyon in our solar system.”

“Mr. Orr, Mr. Rehrig, Mr. Kim, Dr. Willoughby, Mrs. Langella, and Mrs. Weiss were exceptional chaperones and cared for all of the children with sincere diligence and attention. Working with the amazing leadership of the staff at AstroCamp, we all learned and enjoyed a truly happy, positive experience.”

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