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Dads’ Day!

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Last Friday’s “Dad’s, Granddad’s, and Special Persons Day” began with beautiful weather, chicken and pork tamales, doughnuts, and all the breakfast trimmings. The dads were here bright and early, and we were ready for them with hot, brewing coffee. What a joy to see how happy the children were to spend the morning with their dad, their granddad, or their special person.
Our assembly was “Peter Pan and Company” with the First Grade giving an awesome performance. Somehow, the First Grade and Kindergarten children always seem to bring a smile to everyone’s heart!
Our Kindergartners played “God Bless America” on their hand bells directed by Mr. Miller, and their performance received “ooohs” and “aaahs.”
Kudos to the Fine Arts Department for their hard work and professional expertise! How many schools have Captain Hook portrayed by our own Miss Deb with such pizazz and flair?
Thanks to all of our visitors for building such beautiful memories in your children’s lives!

Let It Snow!

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Our ever-creative Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Kim Nygaard, shares the inspiration behind our recent Snow Day at Peninsula Heritage School:
We decided to bring a little cold weather fun to our southern California school via a delivery of the white, fluffy stuff. Outfitted in their jackets and mittens, our students instinctively engaged in the same games that children world-wide play in the snow – making snow angels, creating snow men, building snow forts, and tossing some friendly snow balls, with our Head of School and our teachers right in the middle! Mrs. Cailler and I received some lovely thank you notes from the Third Grade students with beautiful drawings that expressed the children’s feelings about the day.
“Dear Mrs. Nygaard, Thank you for thinking of Snow Day. This was the best day in my life. I don’t mind the snow in my ear, but I had lots of fun! Sincerely, Lucas”
“Thank you. It reminded me when I was in England, in my garden, playing with my brother and sister. I loved it. Thank you a lot! Lukas”
“Thank you for the snow! It was awesome! I had so much fun! From Sophie” Sophie’s detailed drawing shows her with five friends surrounding the snowman they built and accessorized with their scarves and hat!
A great day for all!

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