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Atlantic Crossing

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

This was Colonial Week in the Fifth Grade, as Mrs. Lynn, Ms. Terry, and Mrs. Banales engaged the children during the last five days in real-life scenarios from 17th century American history.
This year, the students enjoyed a unique aspect of the Mayflower voyage across the Atlantic. By coincidence, the newly purchased flipFORM risers for the Theater Arts Department came packed in very large cardboard boxes. Mrs. Lynn immediately saw a perfect use for these packing boxes: the Fifth Graders were divided into teams of four students, and each team received two long boxes and one very tall, narrow cardboard box to construct their simulated Mayflower ship.
“I loved the drawing and constructing!” reported Fifth Grader Claudia. “It was really fun to travel with my friends!”
“I felt it was very cramped in the ship!” observed Mark.
“It actually was,” continued Mrs. Lynn. “With 102 passengers on the Mayflower, it’s calculated that each person only had a 10 foot by 8 foot space. This simulated ‘crossing the Atlantic’ project was designed to convey to the students the extremely crowded conditions for the brave colonists on their historic voyage. As you’ve heard, our students loved the experience!”


Friday, November 13th, 2015

Bells were ringing – well, actually ring-tones were heard – as a group of Classroom Giving Chairs and PHS Board Members contacted our parents this past Tuesday. The occasion was our Phone-A-Thon for the PHS Annual Giving Fund.
Special thanks are extended to volunteers Susy Dornberg, Emily Gutierrez, Zita Macdonald, Robin Mearns, Emily Power, Jacqui Thomas, and Latifa Willoughby for their enthusiasm and professionalism in making these calls. Their efforts were rewarded, as many families made pledges via phone or brought their checks for Annual Giving to the School Office.
Presently, our Household Giving percentage, as an entire school, is at 39%, with the individual grades ranging from 22% to 80%. These figures move upward each day, thanks to the generosity of YOU, the parents of our wonderful PHS students!

From Our Educator of the Year

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

It was truly an honor to be chosen as PHS’s Educator of the Year for 2015! This past Wednesday evening I was privileged to be part of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Rotary Club’s “Educator of the Year” reception, dinner, and program at the PV Golf Club. The Palos Verdes community is so generous and is very aware of the value of educators in the lives of its children. As one speaker at this event stated, “Our children will, sooner than we may imagine, be a part of our adult world!”
The venue of the Club was gorgeous, the food was delicious, and the sunflower centerpieces made us smile. It was interesting to hear from the other ten educators honored. They spoke from their hearts about their love for teaching, their decision to be part of this profession, and the humorous and sometimes sad anecdotes they recalled from their years in either public or private schools.
Mrs. Cailler introduced me, and I had the honor of sharing with the assembled audience our PHS mission statement and a few details about our Character Qualities assemblies, our Performing Arts department, and our Fifth Grade “History Comes Alive!” production on the stage of the Norris Theatre.
We Honorees were taken aback by the generosity of the gifts we received – the Seiko carriage clock, the Educator of the Year pin, the certificate for a day at Terranea Spa, and the eight, hand-lettered, personalized, congratulatory certificates from local government officials and entities.
I am so grateful for all of the parents, students, staff, administrators, Trustees, and Mrs. Cailler – for our entire PHS family! Thank you so much!

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