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Our Marine Animal Friends

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Our Kindergartners experienced a wonderful two-part field trip last week that brought to life their current science studies of caring for our animal friends.
At Torrance Beach, the children picked up trash that had not been properly discarded in the available containers. With the help of volunteer parent drivers, Science Teacher Ms. Nguyen, and Mrs. Burden and Mrs. Woo, the group’s next stop was the Marine Mammal Care Center at San Pedro’s Fort MacArthur. Volunteers staff this non-profit and nurse back to health sick and injured pinnipeds (fin-footed mammals).
The children learned by role-playing the typical feeding of an injured seal (actually a stuffed animal), using a feeding tube filled with “fish smoothie.” When asked if he would enjoy eating the seal’s food, one Kindergartner replied, “Oh, no! I’m a vegetarian.” They also listened for vital signs and recorded them in patients’ files.
The Center’s docents thanked the children for collecting the beach trash and explained how these items can gravely injure the marine mammals. For instance, plastic bags in the ocean are often mistaken by animals for jelly fish, a common source of food. However, the animals cannot digest the plastic and soon become sick.
These injured and abandoned mammals are brought to the Center, are treated and nurtured there for two to three months, and are then released back into the ocean.
In gratitude for the wonderful tour and demonstrations, and for all the good work that is accomplished there, Peninsula Heritage School made a small donation to this local Marine Mammal Care Center.

Year of the Monkey

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Chinese New Year arrived at school this week via PHS parent Lynn Tien, mother of Brooke Huang (2nd Grade) and Dylan Huang (3rd Grade). Greeting each grade with “Gong Xi,” Ms. Tien shared the Chinese New Year legend of the monster Nian, who anciently entered small towns and scared the inhabitants. One villager discovered that the color red, as well as loud noises, scared the monster away. So red became the symbol of good luck, and loud drums and fireworks became part of the Chinese New Year’s celebrations. After playing a Chinese game, students created an art project; Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students made a monkey craft to welcome this Year of the Monkey, and 4th through 8th Grades designed a good luck firecracker craft to hang on their doors at home. Chinese candy (wrapped in red paper!) concluded this cultural exchange. Many thanks to Ms. Tien for sharing this creative learning experience with all of our PHS students!

The Beginning Was Here

Friday, February 5th, 2016

Her class’s performance at last year’s All-School Assembly was just the beginning! As part of her grade’s participation in the 2015 Fifth Grade Play, she had a taste of performing on the Norris Theatre stage. Recently this budding thespian portrayed one of the townspeople in “Beauty and the Beast,” presented by ENCORE, a South Bay theater group.
Her Cast Biography from the “Beauty and the Beast” printed program states that this First Grader at Peninsula Heritage School “loves to read and she loves music. Eden is excited to be a part of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’”
“I got to wear my costume in the play,” she explains. “It was a blue dress with a white apron!”
Eden continues, “Meetings for the next play at ENCORE begin on September 12th, but I am going to do theater camps this summer.”
Her goal? “I want to be a pro on stage!”
Thanks go to the PHS Performing Arts Department for igniting this interest within one of our young students.

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