Meet the Head of School

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Peninsula Heritage School. The first time I walked up the steps to our school I held the little hand of my son entering pre-school. We both felt that this school was a precious jewel that we had just discovered. It is now twenty three years later and our school is even more precious.

Our school is a nurturing place for childhood experiences. One visit and you will observe the glee and happiness our children exhibit. For this, we applaud our teaching staff that is dedicated to this mission and honors each child while developing undiscovered talents.

Please come and visit our school. We offer individualized tours and an opportunity to view each of our programs in action. You will agree, after viewing our classrooms, that Peninsula Heritage School offers a unique learning environment for all students.

As Head of School, I have an open-door policy and am accessible to our families. Most importantly, I am a strong advocate for our children. I look forward to meeting you.

Patricia Cailler
Head of School

“Education should be aimed at educating the whole person, rather than concentrating on one aspect, as it is a highly moral activity.” ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi, 15th Feb, 1942

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