Value of an Independent School

Excerpts from ISM Just for Parents – Why choose an independent school

Peer pressure works for education
Bound by common goals and aspirations, students find an environment where peer pressure works toward education, an atmosphere where academic achievement is valued and doesn’t conflict with social acceptance.

Your child can progress faster
When your child needs help, it is there – often one-on-one. And when your child succeeds, there’s personal recognition of his or her accomplishments, which reinforces that “winning” feeling.

Your child won’t be lost in the crowd
Most independent schools are small, and so are their class sizes. As a result, your child’s school becomes an extension of your family. It provides a safe environment in which your child can explore ideas and feelings, and the guidance that ensures your child won’t get lost while exploring.

Your child is encouraged to participate
Your child is encouraged to try all sorts of things – from sports through dramatics – and assume some leadership roles, too.

Your child develops sound values
Independent schools are free to espouse moral and ethical standards and to apply them to daily life.

Independent school teachers are committed
Independent schools attract teachers with initiative, those who thrive in an environment where they can make a difference – where their input on curriculum is important, where the time they spend with each student is valued.

Independent schools are accountable
Independent schools are directly accountable to the families they serve.