What type of school is Peninsula Heritage School?
Peninsula Heritage School is a private, non-profit, independent Kindergarten through 8th Grade co-ed day school.

Is Peninsula Heritage School accredited?
Peninsula Heritage School is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools. We are also a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.

How many students are in each class?
We have one class per grade level. Our average class size is between 18-22 students. In addition to the classroom teacher, each class is assisted by a full time professional assistant.

What time does school start?
School begins at 8:15 for Kindergarten, 8:15 for 1st grade, 8:05 for 2nd grade, 7:55 for 3rd grade. 4th grade begins at 7:50, 5th begins at 7:45 and Middle School begins at 8:00. Middle School has a 9:00 late start on Wednesdays.

Do you have Before and After School care?
Before School care begins at 7:30a.m. Students are supervised on the school playground until their class begins.
The After School Day Care program begins promptly at 2:30 pm. Both quiet and active activities are offered each day. During quiet time, students read and/or do homework. We ask that all students bring a reading book for quiet time.

Is there a way for parents to volunteer or get involved in the school community?
Yes! Peninsula Heritage School has an active Parents Association whose mission is to support the education of the students at Peninsula by fostering relationships between parents, faculty and the administration.

What High Schools Do Our Graduating 8th Graders Attend?

Our graduating 8th Graders matriculate at a number of private and public secondary schools in the area. Recent PHS grads have been accepted at Vistamar School, Chadwick School, California Academy of Mathematics & Science (CAMS), Rolling Hills Preparatory School, Bishop Montgomery High School, and Da Vinci Schools. Our graduates are also attending public high schools in Palos Verdes and in other South Bay cities.

Does Peninsula Heritage School offer the I-20 Visa?
Yes, Peninsula Heritage School is officially approved as an I-20 educational institution by SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) under USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service). If parents wish to begin the admissions process that requires the I-20 Visa from a country other than the US, please contact Mrs. Joan E. Behrens directly at jbehrens@peninsulaheritage.org