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Club 26944

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Yesterday, PHS was flashed back to 1975!
“Welcome to Club 26944,” began one of our Fourth Graders at yesterday’s Mothers’ Day assembly. “This is a place of respect, where we seize every opportunity to let all of our members shine!”
And shine they did as our Fourth Graders shared stories of learning life lessons from their moms.
“All the moms at Club 26944 became members,” explained Catherine, “because they are forward thinking and want us to belong to a school community that respects individual gifts.”
“And,” continued Marcus, “we want all you moms to know how grateful we are for joining this exclusive club and for all the wonderful things you do for us!”
These students went on to celebrate the Disco Era with music and dance under the direction of our fabulous Ms. Deb Wilcox, which was further enlivened by two surprise faculty guests at the Club – Mr. Ahn and Mr. Zack!
What a delight to conclude the program with all our moms joining their children and sharing disco dance moves with each other!

Visit to Renaissance Fair

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Our Second Graders extended their study of Shakespeare and the medieval era by visiting the Renaissance Fair at Sante Fe Dam in Irwindale last Friday. As their first activity on this special Fair day for school children, our students experienced a very novel activity – hand washing clothes. The cooling effects of the splashing water were an additional bonus for our young workers! Moving on to other features of the Fair, our PHS children had a “royalty sighting” of the Queen and her court, heard musicians playing medieval instruments, and caught sight of “real” fairies.
“We watched an actual jousting match,” reports Second Grade teacher Mrs. Esturain, “and cheered on ‘our’ mounted knight – the one in blue and gray!” This prompted a few of our students to purchase toy swords and shields and shout the medieval expression of delight, “Huzzah!” – a fitting description of their days’ experience at the Renaissance Fair.

The Real Talent Show!

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Such talent! Yesterday’s annual Talent Show was a glorious event! As proud as I am of this year’s wonderful participants, I am even more pleased with our Kindergarten through Eighth Grade audience, with their smiles and hands ready to clap throughout the two-hour event!
From concert-level piano performances to Knock-Knock jokes, our children entertained and delighted us as they shared their many talents.
Innovative technology was put to use by Ms. Shirley Omori, enabling families to view the Talent Show via “Instagram Live.” We heard from parents, a former teacher in Texas, and a former student attending school in Switzerland – all watching our amazing Talent Show LIVE!

Second Graders Present “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Our Second Graders wowed their audience yesterday afternoon in the Amphitheater with their presentation of Shakespeare’s classic comedy. With an abbreviated scrip interspersed with current observations, the action was fast-paced. Confidence and individual personalities were obvious as these young thespians demanded, swooned, rebuffed, slept, and even (very briefly) left mortality in this delightful presentation! One child’s head even temporarily morphed into a donkey’s! But after all, it was just a dream.
“It’s amazing,” remarked one of the Second Grader’s grandmothers, “that these young children can learn all these lines so well. They were obviously enjoying themselves. And with this experience, they should have no trouble speaking in front of large groups in the future.”
Having mastered the characters of Hermia, Lysander, Puck, Titania, Bottom, and many more, these Second Graders are well prepared for future roles in Peninsula Heritage productions and beyond.
Thanks go to Mrs. Esturain for her love of Shakespeare in inaugurating this wonderful event, and to Miss Mervette and Miss Carolina for their assistance in working with the Second Graders. Gratitude is also extended to Mr. Charley Miller for the perfectly timed lullaby music in the sleep scenes, for the background music, and for the sound system!
Kudos to all for an event charmingly presented!

A Short “Walk Through California”

Friday, November 4th, 2016

Our Fourth Graders arrived at school today dressed as Californians from throughout history in preparation for “Walk Through California.” This two-and-a-half-hour interactive presentation engaged our young gold miners, farmers, native Americans, cowboys, soldiers, and pioneer women with the dynamic presenter for this unique educational event.Assembling Giant Puzzle Students sat in the Expert’s Chair and shared important historical and geographic facts about California that they had prepared.
“This event is referred to throughout our year of study,” comments Fourth Grade Teacher Cathy Gilbert. “It creates memory markers for the children as we, for instance, later study the California tribes of Native Americans.”
Highlighting the giant relief map that students constructed, Mrs. Gilbert observed that this image will be fresh in the minds of the students as they create and complete their individual salt dough maps of this state.
The American flag culminated the presentation of the various flags of early California. To commemorate California’s joining the Union on September 9, 1850, the Fourth Graders stood and sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
“Hooray” for our Fourth Graders and their teachers for beautifully linking the past with the present!

Music on Her Mind

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

One of our 5th Grader students recently received considerable recognition for her musical accomplishments. When she was only five years old, Jacqueline Chew launched her violin career. She also wanted to play the piano, so a year later she began piano studies. Her perseverance and hard work through the years enabled her to score the top mark in the United States on the 2015 violin examination of the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. As a result of this honor, she was invited to perform both piano and violin at the Southern California Festival of Excellence held at the University of Southern California, Newman Recital Hall! Cheers and congratulations, Jacqueline!

“History Comes Alive!”

Friday, March 11th, 2016

“This is educational theater at its best!” explains Fifth Grade teacher Ms. Kimarie Lynn, producer and director of this annual PHS show. “The children sing, dance, and act out important moments in early American history. When they return to PHS years later, they share with us instances in their high school history classes when they were one of the very few who remembered key points in the history of this country!”
Thanks go to our fantastic Fifth Grade students for developing and sharing their talents in this theatrical production, as well as to the Kindergarten and Second Grade classes that will be featured in this year’s play. We also thank the parents of our student performers who have made the necessary changes in their schedules to accommodate the students’ rehearsals and also providing snacks for the young thespians.
Many of our very talented PHS faculty and staff assist in presenting this fabulous event. Kudos to Language Arts Enrichment Teacher, Kat Banales, for enhancing this often-humorous script to reflect and include current American culture at an age-appropriate level as well as the crucial role of many women in the Revolutionary War period.
The show’s inventive choreography is the creation of our own Dance and Drama Teacher, Deb Wilcox. Music is under the direction of Music Teacher Charley Miller, and Fifth Grade’s Teacher Support, Terry Metzenbaum, oversees costumes, makeup, and props. Zach Lorenz works with the boys in battle scenes and in the famous “Crossing of the Delaware,” and Seventh Grade Teacher Liz Lomeli designs and produces the Playbill.
Be sure to attend this amazing event suitable for all ages! Purchase your tickets now in the School Office, at the Norris Theatre Box Office, or online at (under “Buy Tickets”). See you there!

Year of the Monkey

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Chinese New Year arrived at school this week via PHS parent Lynn Tien, mother of Brooke Huang (2nd Grade) and Dylan Huang (3rd Grade). Greeting each grade with “Gong Xi,” Ms. Tien shared the Chinese New Year legend of the monster Nian, who anciently entered small towns and scared the inhabitants. One villager discovered that the color red, as well as loud noises, scared the monster away. So red became the symbol of good luck, and loud drums and fireworks became part of the Chinese New Year’s celebrations. After playing a Chinese game, students created an art project; Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students made a monkey craft to welcome this Year of the Monkey, and 4th through 8th Grades designed a good luck firecracker craft to hang on their doors at home. Chinese candy (wrapped in red paper!) concluded this cultural exchange. Many thanks to Ms. Tien for sharing this creative learning experience with all of our PHS students!

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