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Sing in Chinese

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Lynn Tien, one of our PHS parents, recently created an amazing program that enables children to correctly learn Mandarin. Here are the details:
For the past few years, Lynn Tien, along with many other Chinese mothers, realized the difficulty of effectively teaching Mandarin to US-born children. While she and her husband speak to their children in Mandarin, and the children understand, the young ones usually respond in English. Thinking that music would be an ideal way to learn the language, Lynn was unsuccessful in her search for children’s music in Mandarin.
So Lynn began writing both words and music through which children can correctly learn the difficult Mandarin “tones.” (One word in Mandarin can have four different meanings, depending upon the “tone” that is used in pronunciation.) Lynn feels that if children learn the tones correctly when they are young, they will retain the proper pronunciation.
Lynn reached out to musicians, built a home recording studio, and at this point, has created ten colorful books with accompanying CD’s. She also launched the website “Sing in Chinese” where free activity sheets and apps for phones or iPads are now available. Children can now learn Mandarin in the nurturing environment of their home or while listening to CD’s in the car with their parents.
Congratulations to Lynn for all that she has accomplished in this important field of foreign language acquisition!

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