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Rawhide Ranch

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Our Third Graders enjoyed a wonderful Outdoor Education experience at Rawhide Ranch in San Diego County last week. Science Teacher Kathy Mallon, along with Mrs. Debbie Schwartz, and several PHS parents, accompanied the students. Kathy shares the experience with us:
This year’s Third Grade class is truly unique, since so many of the children exhibited great courage as they challenged themselves in physical activities that they had never tried before.They climbed the rock wall, ate at the chuck wagon, and slept in the bunk house. During the excellent team-building events our children exhibited the PHS spirit in their trust and loyalty toward each other. We are so proud of these students, as Third Grade marks the first time that our children have a three-day outdoor adventure.
Rawhide is truly a ranch with its horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and even llamas! Our students become ranch hands as they were responsible for the cleaning, care, and feeding of these animals.
Of particular interestwere the many lessons about horsemanship directed by the Ranch’s excellent staff. Our Third Graders learned, step by step, the necessary skills that culminated in their great horseback riding experience! The many benefits of our stay at the Ranch are obvious and long-lasting!

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