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Friday, June 5th, 2015

Arianna Knigin and Connor Scott, two twelfth grade students at Rolling Hills Prep School, have been interning here at PHS since Tuesday of last week. Arianna is interested in becoming an elementary school teacher, and Connor plans to double major in neurology and psychology in his education at Denison University in Granville, Ohio
While here on campus, Connor has observed that PHS is both communal and holistic, and yet the faculty and staff focus on each individual child. “This school is unlike any others I’ve seen,” Connor shares. “I never thought that a school could assist students in this way. In my psychology class, we label behaviors, whereas that is not the case at PHS – I can see the great value in this approach.”
Our other intern, Arianna, tells us that she will begin her freshmen year this August at St. Mary’s College of California in Morago. “I will be in the Teachers for Tomorrow program, and I plan to continue for my fifth year and obtain my California Teaching credential.”
In discussing her experience here at PHS, Arianna has been impressed with our school’s “warm presence.” “This is a friendly, happy place,” she states, “and it makes me feel comfortable. In addition, I realize now that I really do want to teach; this experience has helped me reaffirm that.”
Both Arianna and Connor were very impressed with how well PHS students in various grades positively interact with each other, and how large groups of students from each grade like to gather together at recess and lunch. “You really don’t find this at other schools,” they agreed. These two secondary school students felt that Peninsula Heritage School was a great place to accomplish their internships!

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