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Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

“Jingle Bells, jingle bells!” was heard earlier this morning, as our PHS Choir caroled from classroom to classroom, accompanied by our ukulele-playing Music Teacher, CarolingMr. Charley Miller. The children’s enthusiasm for the holiday season is matched by the special parties and activities that parents and teachers are presenting in each grade today.
Thank you to all our teachers, staff, and administrators who join with parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends to make this time of the year so very special for each child!
Have a wonderful Winter Break, and we’ll see you in the New Year!

June Graduate’s Family Writes

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

We would like to share the following note from the family of one of our 8th Grade graduates addressed to “Everyone at PHS”:
“Once in a lifetime, you may be lucky enough to be in a place Middle School Sign w Ribbon Cutting Bannerwhere you feel pure contentment, where you are surrounded by loving, supporting friends, and where you know you will fit in and be cared for every day.
How fortunate were we to find that place in Peninsula Heritage School! Even more fortunate for us was to have the privilege of being here for 8 years! We cannot begin to express our gratitude for all you have given us.
PHS will be a part of us forever. We love you!”

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon!

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

“Picnic in Provence” was truly a picnic in Provence! As in France, the table was long and the white linens, crisp and clean, were adorned with lavender as well as wispy olive branches Antique bottles added a glimmer of home to our lovely, shaded setting.
Our communal table had the feel of a huge family reunion – and indeed we are – a union between our school and the parents. That is the beauty of PHS.
Regardless of one’s taste, there was something delightful for every palate, from barbequed shrimp to fresh, beautifully designed salads. Topping off this repast were lavender crème desserts.
Parents, please know how we appreciate you and what you do for our school!

Year of the Monkey

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Chinese New Year arrived at school this week via PHS parent Lynn Tien, mother of Brooke Huang (2nd Grade) and Dylan Huang (3rd Grade). Greeting each grade with “Gong Xi,” Ms. Tien shared the Chinese New Year legend of the monster Nian, who anciently entered small towns and scared the inhabitants. One villager discovered that the color red, as well as loud noises, scared the monster away. So red became the symbol of good luck, and loud drums and fireworks became part of the Chinese New Year’s celebrations. After playing a Chinese game, students created an art project; Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students made a monkey craft to welcome this Year of the Monkey, and 4th through 8th Grades designed a good luck firecracker craft to hang on their doors at home. Chinese candy (wrapped in red paper!) concluded this cultural exchange. Many thanks to Ms. Tien for sharing this creative learning experience with all of our PHS students!

Zia Fitness

Saturday, January 16th, 2016

“During my experience at Zia Fitness,” writes one of our Sixth Grade girls, “I learned a lot of things that I never would have even thought about. I really enjoyed learning about self-defense, testing my reactions on the vision board, and using the TRX bands!”
A recent addition to our Middle School physical education program includes monthly visits to Zia Fitness Studio in south Torrance ( PHS parent and Zia proprietor George Toney, worked with our PE teacher, Mrs. Kim Nygaard, in designing programs to teach self-defense and physical fitness to our Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade students. Through the generosity of Mr. Toney and using the incredible resources of Zia Fitness and its certified trainers, our students build self-confidence and real-world awareness, improve their self-discipline, and have fun through games and adventures at Zia.
In addition, Mr. Toney is offering fitness classes, gratis, for PHS faculty and staff, and Mrs. Nygaard has classes for PHS students on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. Sign-up information for Kindergarten through Third Graders is available in the School Office. PHS parents are cordially invited to visit this new facility (The Pyramid Building, 22939 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance) and learn all that it has to offer!

Harvest Hoedown

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

Harvest Hoedown Happiness! Sincere thanks go to our fabulously organized Co-Chairs, Tristen Moffett and Kate McKenna, and our amazing parent volunteers who created and presented, along with our faculty and staff members, each of the terrific Hoedown activities! Thanks also to all those who came to Hoedown,sponsored items, and participated in the Basket Raffle, the Teacher Adventures, and the yummy Bake Sale! To see the children laughing and enjoying the simple pleasures of the tire swing,the face painting, the sack races and the petting zoo was a delightful respite in this age of high-tech! A huge thanks also goes to all the dads who lifted, folded, moved, stacked, packed, and stayed to the very end of the event. Their willing assistance was invaluable. The entire day was a beautiful example of the enthusiasm and camaraderie we all share here at PHS!

Thank you, Mrs. Harunk!

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

“I love art, and I love children!” These are the sentiments of Mrs. Patty Harunk, our Art Teacher this year. Mrs. Harunk was very active as a parent here at PHS some years ago, and now that her twin daughters, Katie and Kellie, are in college, Patty has rejoined us.
We are very fortunate to have her leading our Art At Your Fingertips (AAYF) program, an outreach of the Palos Verdes Art Center. Along with our wonderful volunteer parent Docents and Helping Hands, PHS students this week enjoyed creating “Giants of the Earth,” an artistic presentation of the California Sequoia trees.
In addition to AAYF, Mrs. Harunk teaches art to our PHS Middle Schoolers as part of their elective wheel. For the first trimester of this year, the Eighth Graders have already completed three very unique projects, including “Pinwheels for Peace,” an artistic representation of students’ striving for peace from the global level down to personal interactions. These students will soon be fashioning totem poles that represent themselves, using the medium of clay.
Thank you, Mrs. Harunk, for sharing your wonderful talents with our PHS students!

Back-to-School Night

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Thank you for being so gracious and kind – especially to me – at last evening’s Back-to-School Night. We had a beautiful evening – actually, more like New Orleans than Palos Verdes – but we all survived! Thank you to Magda Joye, Kate McKenna, and Tristen Moffett for the delicious and lovely buffet that was provided for all of us to enjoy.
We extend our gratitude to our new families who all came with wonderful questions and who are so happy to have their children here at PHS.
As always, we are so proud of our outstanding faculty and staff in preparing for an outstanding year with your children.
All in all, it was an outstanding evening, and we look forward to many more such events in the future!

At Our GALA!

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Want to have a close-up experience with an internationally acclaimed artist? Want to witness a visual masterpiece created in just a few minutes? Want to see this artist perform with bare hands and brushes in a fast-paced, mesmerizing session? Want to bid on and win his just-completed piece of fine art?
Well, this is just one MORE fantastic reason to attend Peninsula Heritage School’s Spring GALA Fundraiser on Saturday, April 25th, starting at 6:00 pm.
Just send in or stop by the School Office with your RSVP for next Saturday’s GALA! We need your response, so we will have all the menu items for your delicious sit-down dinner at GALA that will be catered by the highly-regarded New York Food Company.
This performing artist at our event, Gregory Adamson, is a renowned Southern California illustrator who has gained domestic and international acclaim by entertaining political leaders, business groups, and fundraiser participants. His commissioned works are owned by celebrities, major corporations, and public institutions.
Be one of the lucky individuals who will have the chance to own one of Gregory Adamson’s fabulous pieces of art! See you at GALA next Saturday evening!

Sing in Chinese

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Lynn Tien, one of our PHS parents, recently created an amazing program that enables children to correctly learn Mandarin. Here are the details:
For the past few years, Lynn Tien, along with many other Chinese mothers, realized the difficulty of effectively teaching Mandarin to US-born children. While she and her husband speak to their children in Mandarin, and the children understand, the young ones usually respond in English. Thinking that music would be an ideal way to learn the language, Lynn was unsuccessful in her search for children’s music in Mandarin.
So Lynn began writing both words and music through which children can correctly learn the difficult Mandarin “tones.” (One word in Mandarin can have four different meanings, depending upon the “tone” that is used in pronunciation.) Lynn feels that if children learn the tones correctly when they are young, they will retain the proper pronunciation.
Lynn reached out to musicians, built a home recording studio, and at this point, has created ten colorful books with accompanying CD’s. She also launched the website “Sing in Chinese” where free activity sheets and apps for phones or iPads are now available. Children can now learn Mandarin in the nurturing environment of their home or while listening to CD’s in the car with their parents.
Congratulations to Lynn for all that she has accomplished in this important field of foreign language acquisition!

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