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Friday, November 13th, 2015

Bells were ringing – well, actually ring-tones were heard – as a group of Classroom Giving Chairs and PHS Board Members contacted our parents this past Tuesday. The occasion was our Phone-A-Thon for the PHS Annual Giving Fund.
Special thanks are extended to volunteers Susy Dornberg, Emily Gutierrez, Zita Macdonald, Robin Mearns, Emily Power, Jacqui Thomas, and Latifa Willoughby for their enthusiasm and professionalism in making these calls. Their efforts were rewarded, as many families made pledges via phone or brought their checks for Annual Giving to the School Office.
Presently, our Household Giving percentage, as an entire school, is at 39%, with the individual grades ranging from 22% to 80%. These figures move upward each day, thanks to the generosity of YOU, the parents of our wonderful PHS students!

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