Visit to Renaissance Fair

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Our Second Graders extended their study of Shakespeare and the medieval era by visiting the Renaissance Fair at Sante Fe Dam in Irwindale last Friday. As their first activity on this special Fair day for school children, our students experienced a very novel activity – hand washing clothes. The cooling effects of the splashing water were an additional bonus for our young workers! Moving on to other features of the Fair, our PHS children had a “royalty sighting” of the Queen and her court, heard musicians playing medieval instruments, and caught sight of “real” fairies.
“We watched an actual jousting match,” reports Second Grade teacher Mrs. Esturain, “and cheered on ‘our’ mounted knight – the one in blue and gray!” This prompted a few of our students to purchase toy swords and shields and shout the medieval expression of delight, “Huzzah!” – a fitting description of their days’ experience at the Renaissance Fair.