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Kathy Mallon


Science is exciting, challenging, fun and a voyage of discovery. I want to share the journey with your child and hopefully, they will learn to love the science world as I do. I believe we need to engage children at a young age and allow them to explore different areas of science sometimes above their grade level on a ‘first look basis’, later in school it can be too late to engage their curiosity. I frequently bring specimens to the classroom usually seen in middle or high school, and I always get an enthusiastic response. For example, we examine cow hearts in 5th grade as part of our ‘Systems of the Body’ unit, something usually done in the upper grades and the children are fascinated.

I became a teacher at PHS in a somewhat progressive way. Firstly, I was a room mother for my two sons who attended K-5th. I progressed as a parent volunteer offering a small ‘hands on’ science program at the school and it was so rewarding, that I accepted the position of science co-coordinator when the school was enhanced with a wonderful science lab. Prior to this I worked at Cambridge University for 20 years as a research associate to the Prof of Veterinary Medicine, earning an advanced degree in Fetal Physiology. I came to this country to work at UCLA as the State co-coordinator of a genetic screening program and I am also a genetic counselor. I feel those positions prepared me well for the wonderful and challenging position I have at PHS, where I truly feel I learn as much from the children as I teach to them.

I have a great many hobbies, I love animals, I own and have competed with my show jumper, I love to cook and entertain and spend time with friends and family. But my passion is deep ocean and cave diving. I love the sport itself, it challenges and strengthens my character. The traveling exposes me to new environments and cultures. One of the most enjoyable experiences for me is to meet new people in different countries and explore their culture and history. I travel frequently to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and dive the underwater caves, climb the Mayan ruins and explore the unique eco- systems of the area. I can then add specimens to my classroom to share with your children. I believe I have the most wonderful job at our exciting school.