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Janice Demarti

Third Grade Teacher

Welcome to Third Grade! My name is Janice DeMarti and it is with extreme excitement to introduce myself as Peninsula Heritage’s Third Grade teacher! I knew quite early on that my passion lied within children and their education. There is nothing more invigorating than a child’s smile and their happiness. After my first experiences with working with children, I soon discovered that creating a happy environment for the children opened the doors to an endless amount of learning and possibilities for them, as well as myself.

I’ve worked with children for 24 years in different capacities. With a certificate in Early Childhood Education, a Cogmed Therapy coach, and a M.S. degree in Educational Psychology, I have had the privilege of attaining positions as a camp director, preschool teacher, preschool director, Sylvan Tutor, private tutor, resource teacher, and lead teacher for grades K-5th. In each experience, I’ve acquired the same motto, “Love them and they will succeed.” In my classroom, they will always learn how to strive, be kind, and be brave. It is, and will always be, my goal to nurture each child’s individual passion and skills, as well as foster ones that they are even unaware of.

When I am not found in the classroom, you may find me enjoying my three children and husband. We are currently bouncing from basketball games, trips to the mall, and college applications. One day I hope to find myself on the sandy beaches of Maui, curled up with a mountain of books… and cupcakes!